Justin Bieber tells millions of Instagram followers to ‘trust in Jesus’

Justin Bieber is no stranger to making declarations of his Christian faith via social media.

The popstar was attending Kayne West's ‘Sunday Service’, where Pastor Rich Wilkerson was speaking and Bieber put up two video posts of him preaching, one asking his 117 million Instagram followers, “what would happen if you put your trust in Jesus?” and a second video of the service with the caption, “put your trust in Jesus”.

During his preach, Wilkerson, who pastors VOUS Church in Miami, can be heard declaring that, “whether you believe in God or not, He still believes in you” — a soundbite that was met with rapturous applause and shouts of “Amen!”



“It’s not an accident or a coincidence that you showed up here,” the preacher challenged. “He brought you here. That is our prayer today. That you would hear from Him today, that you would hear His voice.”

The posts on Bieber’s page have received tens of thousands of comments, including one Instagram user who said: “Love this bro! Proud of you for taking a stand for Jesus.”



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