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Display ads and inserts

Download the Premier Christianity rate card (PDF) for information on display, loose or stitched insert advertising within Premier Christianity magazine. The pack includes a reader profile, current ratecard, our 2014 features list, plus our advertising terms and conditions. [Web Advertising is available in conjunction with your printed advert. For availability and costs please contact Mark Dullaway or download the online display ad rate card.]

For more information, quotes or bookings contact Mark Dullaway on 020 7316 1456 or email mark.dullaway@premier.org.uk .

Premier Jobsearch

Download our Jobsearch rates and information (PDF) for information about advertising a vacancy within your church or organisation. For more information, quotes or bookings contact Alanda Budinger on 0207 316 1486 or email jobsearch@premier.org.uk

Classified adverts

For information on our classified ads, including gap year and training opportunities, contact Donna Morgan on 0207 316 1486 or email classifieds@premier.org.uk.

Please note: Email bookings alone are not always reliable - if you do not receive a prompt response please phone to ensure we have your booking.